The Future of Aircraft: Boom Supersonic Overture

The Boom Supersonic Overture is the future of aircraft, travelling twice as fast as today’s commercial planes on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Recently, the largest airline in North America, American Airlines has made a non-refundable deposit for 20 Overture aircraft with an option for 40 more.

Boom Supersonic Overture aircraft soon to be taking off by American Airlines
Boom Supersonic Overture aircraft soon to be taking off by American Airlines © Boom Overture

The purchase of the aircraft

Derek Kerr, Chief Financial Officer for American Airlines understands the purchase of the aircraft will be a crucial factor in delivering the best service for travellers.

“Looking to the future, supersonic travel will be an important part of our ability to deliver for our customers,” he says.

The Boom Supersonic Overture aircraft is designed to run on SAF which flies at Mach 1.7 over water, or twice the speed of today’s fastest commercial aircraft, with a range of 4,250 nautical miles.

The aircraft introduces a new speed advantage to American Airlines, which is designed to carry 65 to 80 passengers and fly more than 600 routes around the world in approximately half the time.

“We are proud to share our vision of a more connected and sustainable world with American Airlines,” says Blake Scholl, Founder and CEO of Boom.

Boom Supersonic is transforming air travel with Overture, the world’s fastest airliner, optimised for speed, safety and sustainability. Boom must meet all industry-standard operating, performance and safety requirements, as well as America’s other customary conditions before the expected delivery of Overtures in 2026.

Overture aircraft in the skies
Overture aircraft designed with gull wings © Boom Overture

About Boom Supersonic

Boom Supersonic was founded in Denver in 2014 and its mission is to make the world dramatically more accessible by building travel that is faster, less expensive and more convenient. Overture Superfactory announced that the first flight by the aircraft will be in 2026. Boom Supersonic has been called the world’s fastest and most sustainable airliner.

“When we fly twice as fast, cities rarely visited become major travel destinations. We can attend meetings in far-off places and return for evenings with loved ones. Global leaders can solve crises in-person and children grow up in a world where nothing is foreign,” says Scholl

The aircraft is designed with noise reduction to blend in and be the quietest of today’s long-haul fleets. The manufacturing process uses 3D printing technology to save material and resources. Overture aircraft are also designed with the lifecycle in mind, making it easier to dissemble the aircraft and minimise waste.

The four-engine design delivers efficient supersonic performance, maintains temperature standards and flies without afterburners to minimise noise and fuel consumption. The gull wing design minimises drag and thus, engine thrust. The Overture aircraft will be changing the game for future aviation travel.

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