American Airlines Increases AAdvantage Rewards For 2023

Beginning in March 2023, American Airlines will offer members more ways to personalise their travel experiences and more chances to profit from opportunities and earn points more regularly. Members will be qualified for their first Loyalty Point Reward, formerly known as Loyalty Choice Rewards, after collecting 15,000 Loyalty Points and achieving the AAdvantage Gold® level. These members will enjoy Group 5 boarding throughout the membership year and have the choice of two loyalty point rewards: Priority check-in, screening, and boarding for Group 4 for a single trip and five certificates for preferred seats.


American Airlines Aadvantage scheme receives a rewards overhaul for 2023

Benefits of AAdvantage and Dedication Point Prizes

The only way to take advantage of American Airlines’ top offerings and receive access to some of the airline’s best partner experiences is to join AAdvantage®. The continual earning of loyalty points and miles by AAdvantage members makes it easier for them to advance in status, personalise their trips, and accrue flying miles. Loyalty Point Rewards are a new programme from American Airlines that members may use to personalise their travels and get more perks. Before, during, and after reaching a specific status level, members will get access to loyalty point benefits for shopping with a selection of American Airlines’ partners and status with the airline’s preferred auto partner when they advance to higher levels of status.

Benefit and reward choice page

Vasu Raja, Chief Commercial Officer of American, said, “We’re establishing a more meaningful travel rewards programme for our AAdvantage members.” Only members will have access to everything that American has to offer. Access to even more exclusive experiences with the airline and our partners will be made possible by status. With these and other advancements, we are keeping up with our promise that travelling is better when you are an AAdvantage member.”

AAdvantage 2023 status and additional advantages

Members just need Loyalty Points to gain status and reset each programme year. AAdvantage members accrue loyalty points and miles whenever they fly, use an AAdvantage credit card to make purchases, or engage with one of the more than 1,000 AAdvantage partners.

Members can then spend those miles to upgrade their travel arrangements, advance in status, and earn Loyalty Points.

AAdvantage Status & Loyalty Points

Beyond the highest levels of status, members can earn even more loyalty point rewards to receive benefits like system-wide upgrades, Admirals Club® One Day Passes, trip credits, award rebates for flights booked using miles, and more to personalise their travel experience.

The adjusting of earned and redeemed miles

By eliminating the cap of 75,000 miles that a member may earn on a single ticket, American Airlines is making travel even more rewarding. Depending on the cost of the ticket and their AAdvantage level, members can redeem miles for flights.

earned miles

Additionally, for all tickets purchased after January 1, 2023, AAdvantage members will receive two miles for every dollar spent on Basic Economy rates on American and eligible partner flights for travel starting March 1, 2023.

All services included

The only way to take advantage of some of American Airlines’ top offerings and receive access to some of the airline’s best partner experiences is to join the American Airlines AAdvantage® scheme. Beginning in March 2023, only AAdvantage members can reserve and redeem miles for American Airlines Vacations packages. These packages give customers savings on lodging, transportation, and flights. Additionally, starting in March 2023, owners of American Airlines AAdvantage Mastercard® credit cards in the United States will be able to exchange their miles for Mastercard® Priceless® Experiences*. Private dinners, sporting events, cuisine festivals, theatrical performances, and other activities are among these experiences.

All members will still have daily access to mileage redemption options. In addition to using their miles to pay for flights, members can spend their miles to personalise their travel experiences, such as the Five Star ServiceTM experience and Main Cabin Extra Seats.

American Airlines wants to provide more AAdvantage members with the chance to use their points to make special travel arrangements. Members can read more about the evolution of the AAdvantage programme at

Will you be collecting Loyalty Point Rewards with the AAdvantage program? What will you spend them on? Let us know in the comments!

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