American Airlines First Class Terminated On Long-Haul Flights

American Airlines has announced that it will no longer be providing first-class services on its long-haul international flights. The decision, according to the airline’s executives, was finalised last week Thursday during an investors’ call.

First Class vs Business Class

The Dallas-based carrier has decided that instead of offering a first-class service, a business-class option would be much more convenient and meet their customers’ demands. According to figures collected by the airline, customers are simply not willing to pay as much for the first-class option provided on long-haul international flights, in comparison to business-class services. American Airlines Chief Commercial Officer Vasu Raju emphasised that this decision has been made to prioritise customers, what this will entail, and how it will affect certain aircraft.

“First class will not exist on the 777, or for that matter at American Airlines, for the simple reason that our customers aren’t buying it. The replacement of first class with additional business offerings will allow the carrier to provide what our customers most want or are willing to pay for.”

American Airlines First Class Option To Be Terminated On Long-Haul International Flights
In September, it was announced that the new cabins will be known as Flagship Suites © American Airlines

How will this work?

American Airlines will instead build upon its existing business-class service, making it even more appealing. It has been confirmed that American Airlines 20 Boeing 777 – 300 ER and Airbus 321T will have a ‘brand new’ business class cabin fitted in. In September, it was announced that the new swanky cabins will be called Flagship Suites. Chief Commercial Officer Vasu Raju has confirmed that the new suites will provide fliers with the utmost privacy as they will feature seats that “lie flat and sliding doors for privacy.” According to Raju, premium seating in American Airlines will vastly increase by 45% in 2026.

It can be argued that customers flying on long-haul international flights will now be able to gain access to typically first-class service features, such as a fully reclining chair, at a cheaper rate. This will surely appeal to those who appreciate extra legroom and comfort whilst flying.

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