Alaska Airlines Unveils Pre-Clear Program For Hawaii

by Benjamin Pham
Alaskan Airline 737

Hawaii – known for its sandy beaches and rugged volcanos – is a prominent travel destination for those escaping to somewhere exotic. The state is far away from the bustling mainland. Due to COVID-19, the state-imposed certain entry restrictions and requirements for all travellers. For instance, the state’s mandates included the required COVID-19 testing and documentation and 14-day quarantine upon arrival. However, Alaska Airlines officially launched its Pre-Clear program. The new program is in coordination with Hawaii’s pre-travel testing program. As a result, the airline effectively inaugurated its involvement with helping passengers enter Hawaii more seamlessly.

The Seattle-based airline’s Pre-Clear program permits passengers to receive an exemption from the state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine. Additionally, passengers need to receive the exemption before they depart the West Coast. 

“As guests start planning their 2021 travel to Hawaii, we’re focused on making the journey as safe, easy and hassle-free as possible,” Ben Minicucci, Alaska Airlines’ President, who flew to Honolulu on the first day of the pre-travel testing program to experience the arrival process first-hand, said.

In mid-October, Hawaii introduced its pre-travel testing program for passengers to travel around the islands without mandatory quarantine. Nevertheless, under Alaska Airlines’ Pre-Clear program, passengers will receive a pre-clear wristband at check-in or the gate. Passengers must complete the necessary steps online before receiving a wristband. Ultimately, upon arrival in Hawaii, passengers seamlessly enter without additional screening or precautions.

“On behalf of the State of Hawaii, we appreciate Alaska’s commitment, in helping to keep our community safe,” Hawaii Governor David Ige said. “Alaska’s Pre-Clear program adds another layer of safety by helping to ensure that the majority, if not all, of Alaska’s guests, arrive in Hawaii with proof of their negative COVID-19 test results.

More Travel Opportunities For Hawaii

Alaska Airlines has informed all its guests about the state’s requirements so that they know what to expect for their visit. Its pre-travel testing program is now in partnership with Hawaii, providing more ease and opportunity for passengers to travel.

More opportunities for travel to Hawaii are coming, as the state is a popular travel spot and a good alternative for those who cannot currently travel abroad. For instance, Hawaiian Airlines recently announced new routes from the Continental U.S., ultimately expanding its presence.

After all, Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines will bring more passengers to a state whose biggest industry is tourism. There are many numerous travel restrictions for different parts of the world. But both airlines have the opportunity to be a major player in alleviating and minimizing the effects of COVID-19, by helping to ease travel entry requirements for tourists to visit places that decide to remain open.

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