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Air Serbia Plans Expansion In The US With New Routes © Gary Lopater on Unsplash

Air Serbia has announced its expansion plans in the United States in the coming months. In addition to its daily service to the New York and Chicago route set to kick in next summer, the airline’s CEO Jiri Marek said the Serbian carrier has a strategy of targeting cities with year-round potential rather than those with seasonal potential.

“We’re looking at other destinations in the US. But again, our main strategy is to target cities that have year-round potential. We do not want to increase seasonality, which is already high in our region,” Marek explained. That’s one of the reasons we favour Chicago over Toronto, for example, because the Canadian city is not only extremely seasonal but also extremely unidirectional. At the beginning of the season, the flights are full in one direction, and at the end of the season in the other direction.”

This Is Part Of Air Serbia’s 12-Route Expansion Plan

Air Serbia plane
Air Serbia’s 12-Route Expansion Plan © Ondrej Bocek on Unsplash

The airline had earlier announced its preparation to add 12 new routes to its flight destinations. A number of them will be this winter and the majority next summer. The Serbian carrier also said it plans to establish a massive presence in North Africa and reestablish itself in the middle east. The airline has been absent from the Middle East since March 2020.

 The Airline Hopes To Sign A Codeshare With A Major US Carrier

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Air Serbia Hopes To Sign A Codeshare With A Major US Carrier © Lukas Souza on Unsplash

Following its expansion plans in the United States, Air Serbia hopes to sign a codeshare with a major US airline.

“We currently have interline agreements that work quite well. But we are working on reaching the next level, which is codeshare cooperation with one of the major airlines in the United States. We are in the final stages of negotiations and believe we can announce this before the end of the year.” – Marek told Aero Telegraph.

Air Serbia’s previous attempts to sign a codeshare agreement with US carriers were unsuccessful.

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