Air Senegal is using Aviator revenue management from Maxamation to take advantage of opportunities.

Aviator revenue management from Maxamation is being utilised by the flag carrier of Senegal, Air Senegal, with excellent onboard products, an appealing schedule, and excellent service all in one place.

Africa’s air travel continues to rise quickly toward pre-pandemic levels. However, despite the fact that the continent is one of the leaders in the industry in regaining passenger traffic, the economic performance of regional airlines remains troubling.

Over the past three years, African airlines have collectively suffered net losses of more than USD 3.5 billion, and these losses are anticipated to continue in 2023.

Consequently, Air Senegal serves 11 African nations, and 3 European nations, and recently added New York to its network.

According to AFRAA, the number of passengers handled by African airlines in 2023 is expected to be 85 million, down from the 95.6 million passengers handled by airlines in 2019.

Air Senegal onboard products
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CCO Eric Gueye says:

“Air Senegal is a growing airline and we look for partners who can truly become part of our success story”.


Aviator from Maxamation has been selected by Air Senegal to assist in increasing flight revenue. Along with extensive French-language training for the revenue management team, the most recent web-based Aviator system was recently activated.

The fact that the entire in-person training was conducted in French was appreciated because it was top-notch. Thanks to Marko’s thorough training and the brand-new Aviator RM system, our staff is now poised to increase income from each flight.

Maxamation CEO Peter Brewer said :

“To make sure that Air Senegal will get every benefit from the new Aviator system, training materials and sessions were conducted in the French language”.

Based on predicted demand and current bookings, Aviator’s airline Revenue Management System dynamically controls flight inventory settings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and adjusts availability at various price points to make every dollar count.

Aviator reports always provide information on the loads, yields, and income trends for the upcoming weeks and months. Furthermore, revenue prediction forecasts make it possible to see possibilities and weaknesses well in advance, allowing response to quickly optimise earnings.

Aviator business logic supports a variety of automated and user-defined overbooking mechanisms, including movable curtain models, making it simple to control non-revenue and group classes.

Eric Gueye added :

“We are thrilled to partner with Maxamation and their Aviator revenue management system. This month we moved to the latest web-based Aviator. It’s an ALL-NEW, powerful revenue management system with comprehensive functionality for our RM team”.

Aviator from Maxamation
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Maxamation has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and it has support centres as well as knowledgeable Revenue Management specialists in North America, Asia, Europe, and South Africa. In 1997, the company was established. The cloud-based Aviator system, which is currently being rolled out to all 40 of Maxamation’s existing customers, brings cutting-edge technology to support the revenue management solution.

Cloud-based Revenue Management is provided by Maxamation, a global IT provider to the airline industry. With an easy-to-implement, stable, and powerful system that has proven revenue results, Aviator enables airlines to maximize flight revenue.

Maxamation CEO Peter Brewer is overjoyed to have Air Senegal as a long-term partner.

“We are excited to offer Air Senegal a wide range of new Aviator features, each of which can be used to create more revenue from every flight.


What do you think of Air Senegal’s initiative for flight revenue management? Let us know in the comments below! 


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