Air Canada’s 85th Anniversary sees Big Donation

Just yesterday, Canada’s largest airline celebrated a large milestone with an even larger donation. In celebration of Air Canada’s 85th anniversary, the airline has donated the beloved and iconic Lockheed L-10A Electra Airplane from its fleet to the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada.

Lockheed 10-A Electra for Trans-Canada prepares to land.
In celebration of its 85th anniversary, Air Canada donated an original Lockheed L-10A Electra airplane to the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada | © John Davies – CYOW Airport Watch

Iconic Airplane Donated to Canadian Aviation Museum to Celebrate Air Canada’s 85th Anniversary

Standing at 10ft 1in, its ‘largeness’ definitely lies in its sentiment (Air Canada’s largest plane is the Boeing 777-300ER, which stands at a total of 62ft 4in) as it was the first fleet type flown by the airline. Not only that, but the aircraft, registered as CF-TCC, was part of the first three planes purchased in 1937 by Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCS), Canada Air’s predecessor.

This historical plane will now permanently reside at Winnipeg’s Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, where it has made multiple appearances in the past for air shows or general storage. The museum’s President and CEO, Terry Slobodian, welcomed the generous donation from Air Canada by acknowledging their longstanding history with the airline:

“Our museum was previously located in the original TCA hangar here in Winnipeg. The Lockheed Electra is a perfect picture of the early days of commercial air travel in Canada. We are grateful to Air Canada for their longstanding support of our museum and for entrusting us with this spectacular piece of aviation history.”

Lockheed L-10A Electra airplane stationary in WCAM to commemorate Air Canada's 85th anniversary.
The iconic airplane now sits proudly in Winnipeg where fans can view a piece of Canadian history | © Bill Zuk

CF-TCC: A History in Canadian Aviation

In 1937, the CF-TCC was apart of a trio fleet lovingly named “The Three Sisters” made up of the CF-TCA, CF-TCB and the CF-TCC. The CF-TCC embarked on its first official flight the same year, flying from Vancouver to Seattle carrying two passengers as well as mail.

Throughout 1939 to 1979, the Lockheed L-10A Electra was sold to various private buyers but TCA always kept an eye on it. During this time, the CF-TCC was leased several times by TCA to celebrate their 25th anniversary and feature the plane in an Expo in Vancouver.

Since 1986, fans and lovers of the plane have volunteered hours of service to help maintain the aircraft’s flying maintenance for future generations to enjoy. It even featured in Air Canada’s 75th anniversary celebration in 2012, where the CF-TCC was flown in several air shows as a symbol of pride for Canada’s aviation history.

Now, as we witness Air Canada’s 85th anniversary, the iconic plane begins its permanent residency at the Royal Aviation Museum where its impact can be appreciated by visitors. Senior Vice President of Air Canada’s Flight Operation, Captain Murray Storm, had this to say about the significance of this partnership:

“Air Canada has a long and rich history connecting Canadians from coast to coast which continues to this day, and it all started with the Lockheed L-10A 85 years ago. As we celebrate our 85th anniversary, we mark this milestone by ensuring that such an important part of Canadian aviation history will be available for Canadians and aviation enthusiasts to enjoy for many years to come.”

What are your thoughts on this donation? Let us know in the comments below!

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