On December 1, 2022, Air Canada announced that it would launch a direct flight from Vancouver to Bangkok on April 13, 2023.

Air Canada Bangkok Flights

Air Canada Bangkok flights will be the first to go non-stop from North America to southeast Asia and will operate for a seasonal period. Air Canada will fly four times a week between now and April 17, 2023, with Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The flight from Vancouver to Bangkok will be almost 16 hours, adding to the list of the longest flights in the world.

Canadian transport minister Omar Alghabra said, “These flights will allow travellers to reach their destinations and promote growth and prosperity for Canadian and Thailand’s travel industries.”

To increase its fleet, Air Canada has ordered 15 Airbus A220-300s; presently, the airline is operating with 31 A220s in its fleet. The fifteen new aircraft will be available in 2026. The flight from New York to Bangkok is more than 24 hours with Emirates and twenty hours with Qatar Airways.

On October 13, 2022, the airline announced that it would add new destinations for summer 2023. The new routes will include European services to Brussels, Copenhagen, and Toulouse. It also plans to restore the Asia services it offered in the past to Tokyo-Haneda and Osaka, as well as destinations in the Atlantic, Pacific, and South American regions.

Air Canada has announced the launch of a direct flight from Vancouver to Bangkok
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Passengers Experience

With the lifting of restrictions due to the pandemic, many routes have resumed, and new destinations offer passengers more options and a better experience. Airlines have taken significant initiatives to ensure that travellers have an excellent experience. South Korea’s Gimpo Airport has installed a biometric self-boarding service for domestic flights with flag-carrier Korean Air. The passengers just need to scan their palms without presenting an actual boarding pass due to the biometric solution.

British Airways have used biometric boarding technology, and passengers don’t need to present their passport at the precheck-in. British Airways has a Biometric self-boarding service, tested for six months on BA flights to Malaga, Spain, announced on November 15, 2022. Airports have faced many difficulties this year with travellers’ return, employee strikes, delayed flights, and luggage loss.

Emerald Airlines has taken the initiative to have its ground-unit teams reduce these issues. The forecast for the number of travellers for the next year will be double or more. And it’s great to see the improvement in quality of service, so many routes resumed, and new destinations added.

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