Aeroflot Signs Agreement Of Intent To Purchase 339 Aircraft with UAC

 Aeroflot has signed an agreement of intent with United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of Rostec State Corporation to purchase 339 aircraft. According to the agreement, Aeroflot Group will get 210 MC-21 aircraft, 89 SSJ-NEW aircraft, and 40 Tu-214 aircraft for lease between 2023 and 2030.

The Group will receive its first two Superjet-NEW aircraft in 2023 and 2024; it plans to start receiving its first six MC-21 aircraft and its first seven Tu-214 aircraft.

“Today we signed the biggest agreement on the purchase of Russian-made aircraft in the recent history of Aeroflot. This is an important step that sets the stimulus and influences the future prospects for the development of civil aviation in Russia. Aeroflot has successfully and effectively operated best domestic aircraft throughout its almost century-long history. The signing of this Agreement clearly demonstrates to the whole world that Russia remains a great aviation power with huge potential and rich experience in the field of aircraft manufacturing, capable of producing reliable and modern aircraft,” Sergey Aleksandrovsky said.

Aeroflot Signs Agreement Of Intent to Purchase 339 Aircraft with UAC
Aeroflot and UAC sign agreement for Purchase of Russian-made aircraft @Rostec

Aeroflot Set To Purchase 339 Aircraft

When Aeroflot signed an agreement with UAC to purchase Russian-made aircraft, Sergey Chemezov, Director General of Rostec State Corporation, made this statement;

“Historical changes are coming to civil aviation. Boeing and Airbus aircraft, which are unlikely to ever be delivered to Russia again, will be replaced by Russian-made passenger aircraft. Out of the 339 aircraft, almost 300 are new-generation MC-21 and Superjet aircraft. Tu-214 will become a reliable support – this aircraft was previously manufactured for special customers and has proven itself well. MC-21 will be the flagship of the Aeroflot fleet, it is the pride of our aircraft industry, it boasts with innovative design solutions that, I am sure, will be appreciated by both pilots and passengers. I would like to note that all aircraft will be delivered with Russian-made on-board systems and components.”

MC-21 Aircraft

The MC-21 is a next-generation medium-haul aircraft having a passenger capacity of 163 to 211. The Irkut Corporation’s Engineering Centre designed and built the plane at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. The MC-21 has a composite wing, metal alloys, new generation onboard technologies, enhanced aerodynamics, and the most recent PD-14 engine.

The Superjet 100 is a next-generation regional jet that combines and utilises cutting-edge aircraft manufacturing technology. The SSJ100 provides excellent comfort for passengers, significant cost benefits for airlines, convenience for personnel, and optimum environmental friendliness.

Rostec State Corporation

The Rostec State Corporation is Russia’s largest manufacturer. In 2022, it will mark its 15th anniversary. It brings together over 800 scientific and industrial organisations from 60 regions. Aircraft engineering, radio electronics, medicinal technology, new materials, and so forth are among its major businesses. The company sells its products in over 100 countries throughout the world. Export sales of high-tech products account for over one-third of Rostec’s revenue.

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