A Virtual Holiday Tour With Santa Claus’s Official Airline

by Ajay Prakash

Have you ever heard about Santa Claus’s official airline? If you did not know, then Finnair is Santa’s favourite airline. Finnair has been Santa Claus’s official airline since 1983. Every year the airline flies Santa around the world to bring joy to thousands of children.

A Finnair Poster © Finnair

Association of Finnair with the Santa Claus Foundation

The Santa Claus Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve children’s well-being across the world.  The Foundation also wants to make Finland and the Finnish culture recognized globally. Every year, the foundation makes significant donations for the benefit of children across Africa and Asia. You can find more details about this foundation on the Santa Claus Finland website.

Santa’s Home Village

It is believed that Santa Claus comes from a village in Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. The artic circle cuts right through this village. In normal times, Finnair arranges additional flights for customers to fly to Rovaniemi during the Christmas holidays. The airline even has a festive in-flight menu on these flights to get customers into the season’s spirit.

Virtual Christmas Holiday Tour on Finnair

This year, due to travel restrictions, flights to Santa’s homeland have been curtailed, and Lapland visitors will be fewer. These restrictions imply that Finnair will not take Santa on his magical world tour to help the needy children.  Besides, there will not be usual events. However, Finnair has come up with a brilliant idea of conducting ‘Virtual Holiday Flights.’ According to information on the Finnair website, the airline is taking to the skies virtually, with eight special trips to Rovaniemi from Helsinki to meet Santa in Virtual Reality. These Finnair visit Santa flights have been created by a Finnish virtual reality studio called “Zoan” which uses the most advanced Unreal Engine real-time 3D graphics tool. All you will need is a mobile phone or a computer to fly on these VR flights.

Virtual  Christmas Holiday Tour
© Finnair

While on the flight, you would see the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) and admire the shining stars. The cabin crew may even serve you a (virtual) drink. On arrival in an icy cold Rovaniemi, you can cross the arctic circle and visit Santa’s Cabin.

These VR flights run from December 25 to December 30 and are available for €10 per person. The flight duration is 30 minutes. Finnair further states that all profits will be going to UNICEF to help children adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information, you can visit the Finnair website.

What do you think of Finnair’s virtual holiday tour, which will benefit thousands of children across the world? Share your experience if you happen to take the VR flight to Santa’s homeland. Merry Christmas.

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